PyTorch by Facebook

We chose PyTorch because it integrates with Python well with similar syntax that allows you to quickly pick it up and implement your projects and research papers on GPU and CPU. It is also actively maintained by Facebook.

Top Instructors

Our lead instructor, Ritchie Ng, is currently an NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Instructor, leads deep learning at an AI hedge fund, and conducts research with MILA researchers. And our lead course advisor, Jie Fu, is a postdoctoral researcher in deep learning at the University of Montreal.

For Visual Learners

We are visual creatures, that is why we offer detailed video courses on Udemy that have shown to accelerate learning and boost knowledge retention. Our courses are updated regularly to ensure our codes are compatible with the latest version of PyTorch.

For Book Lovers

We've an upcoming book consolidating our courses from beginner to advanced for deep learning wizards who would like to have a great manual by their side.