I am now an NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) instructor

As you know that through my deep learning courses I have been vigorously pushing for making deep learning more accessible to everyone.

And I am thankful to announce that NVIDIA has given me the opportunity to be an NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) certified instructor and ambassador in NUS to enable everyone to solve the most challenging problems in deep learning.


  • Diogo Santiago says:

    Nice one, good job! What about your more specific courses??? When are they coming???

    • Ritchie says:

      Thanks! Due to my personal commitment at a new post, I’ve been taking some time during that transition. Thankfully, the next course should be out in a month max . The course will be on advanced PyTorch.

  • vibhor says:

    Congratulations on your new post!

    Can you release the course earlier one month is a long time.

    • Ritchie says:

      We will be releasing our course in a month. My apologies as we’ve been looking at how we can expand this in a sustainable manner. We’ve just revised our website in anticipation of our new course launch!

      • vibhor says:

        Hello Ritchie,

        I am presently in India.

        I have 14+ years in various JEE based technologies. I have also worked in USA on H1B for over 4.5 years in various fortune 500 companies.
        Now, I want to switch my career in the field Deep Learning.

        1.I have completed your course on Pytorch.
        2.I have completed Spark specialization from Berkley University.
        3.I have done Machine Learning Specialization from University of Washington (taught by Amazon scientists Emily and Carlos).
        4.I am about to complete the Deep Learning Specialization from deeplearning.ai (taught by Prof Andrew NG of Stanford University)
        5.In all these specializations I have scored either 99% or 100% grade mostly 100% grade :).

        Do you also take Deep Learning classes in Singapore?. If yes, then if I join your classes then can you help me with the job assistance in Deep Learning?

        Or if you can recommend any of your colleague who is taking classes in Singapore and can help me with the job assistance?

        Or if you know some good institute in Singapore who is conducting classes in deep learning?

        Basically, my main aim for joining classes is to get the job assistance for Deep learning.

        You can also view my profile at linked in ::

        Thanks in advance,

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