Be a deep learning wizard even if you are starting WITHOUT deep learning knowledge AND reduce your time learning deep learning by more than TEN TIMES with GREATER knowledge retention.

Deep Learning Wizard
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Tired of looking through long documentations, sparse tutorials, and limited guides? Deep Learning Wizard exploits a unique top-down approach that empowers you to implement your own deep learning projects or research papers.

Pythonic Framework

We chose PyTorch because it integrates with Python well with similar syntax that allows you to quickly pick it up and implement your projects and research papers on GPU and CPU. It is also actively maintained by Facebook.

Unmatched Instructors

Our lead instructor, Ritchie, is a deep learning researcher from NExT Search Centre, NUS Smart Systems Institute. And our lead course advisor, Jie Fu, is a postdoctoral researcher in deep learning at University of Montreal.

Visual Learning

We are visual creatures, that is why we offer detailed video courses on Udemy that have shown to accelerate learning and boost knowledge retention. Our courses are updated regularly to ensure our codes are compatible with the latest version of PyTorch.

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