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To this date, we have taught thousands of students across more than 120+ countries from students as young as 15 to postgraduates and professionals in leading MNCs and research institutions around the world.

These are just some of the hundreds of reviews we've had and will be updated when we have more time or contributors.

Roberto TreviƱo Cervantes

Congratulations! You have achieved the unachievable, teaching a 15 year old boy how to get a machine to estimate a function, just what he had been trying to do for almost a year.

Muktabh Mayank

This course helped me understand idiomatic pytorch and avoiding translating theano-to-torch.

Charles Neiswender

I really feel like I can take the techniques I learned and apply them to deep learning projects of my choosing.

Ian Lipton

This was a good overview of the different types of neural networks. I like that the instructor started with linear and logistic regression before diving into the neural networks. That background helped make sense of the neural network functionality. I like that this gave enough detail on the mathematics so that you can understand the basic functioning of the models but didn't overwhelm you with the nitty gritty math.

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