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Featured on PyTorch Website

We are featured on PyTorch website's post 👻

I used PyTorch from day 1 and I fell in love with it. One year later, PyTorch's community has grown tremendously. I thank Facebook AI Research (FAIR) and everyone who contributed to building one of the best deep learning framework. In particular Soumith Chintala from FAIR where he is continually fixing bugs and making PyTorch better everyday.

A year later, Deep Learning Wizard has taught more than 2000 students across 100+ countries, and we continue to strive to release new and updated content to enable anyone to build customized deep learning systems to solve many problems. And I'm trying to push for PyTorch workshops at NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute in Singapore and across the world, so stay tuned!

A big shoutout for Alfredo Canziani who's currently a postdoc at NYU co-teaching with Yann LeCun on deep learning classes and he's releasing another technical course on PyTorch that is going to be awesome.

To more great years ahead for PyTorch 👏

Ritchie Ng